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vision and growth



Bright Prospect aims to break the cycle of poverty in our service area by significantly increasing the college-going culture, expectation and rate in our community. By creating an ever-growing cadre of highly-educated young professionals, we will make our culturally vibrant community and its families more financially stable.


Bright Prospect empowers high potential, low-income students to gain admission, succeed and graduate from four-year colleges and universities by providing a comprehensive counseling and support system throughout their high school and college years.

The Challenge
  • The cycle of poverty that pervades too many nearby communities erodes the very fabric of our nation. Economic disenfranchisement leads to crime, drugs and dependency—a waste of many smart young students who mistakenly perceive they are trapped in a world without opportunity and give up in despair.
  • For youth in low-income communities, education is the only viable way out. College graduates earn an average of one million dollars more over their lives than high school graduates. That not only provides better lives for them and their families, it also equates to a million dollars of increased economic contribution each college graduate will make to their community and to society.
  • In America, only a small fraction of low-income students start college, and of those who do start, only 1 in 9 actually obtains a Bachelor’s Degree within six years. If only Bright Prospect could reach these students, 86% might graduate!