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Our High Schools

The Bright Prospect Program serves students at the following high schools:

Pomona Unified School
  • Diamond Ranch High School
  • Ganesha High School
  • Garey High School
  • Pomona High School
  • Village Academy High School
  • Fremont Academy of Engineering & Design
  • Palomares Academy of Health Sciences

Chaffey Joint Union High School District
  • Ontario High School

Summer Academy

For most students, the point of entry into the Bright Prospect program is the week-long Summer Academy for rising high school sophomores and juniors. Each spring, Bright Prospect college students and staff visit ninth-grade classrooms in our high schools to generate excitement among the students about the college experience and how Bright Prospect can help them get there, and invite them to attend the Summer Academy.

The Summer Academy is conducted on the campus of Harvey Mudd College, giving rising high school sophomores and juniors their first experience learning on a real college campus.  The week-long program gives students an overview of what college life is like, and how college can transform their futures.  One of the first workshops demystifies financial aid to students and their parents, demonstrating how college can be accessible to each of them through the hard work needed to qualify for it.

The Summer Academy is comprised of a carefully designed series of workshops and activities that transform the mentality of students in just one short week.

Parent Information Session

The Value of A College Education—revealing the connection between education, income, and quality of life
Expanding Your College Options—reviewing the different types of colleges
Demystifying the Costs of College—an introduction to financial aid
What Colleges Look for in an Applicant—a session on application reading
Campus Tour of the Claremont Colleges

Building a Crew Support Team--forming relationships and teamwork
Life at College—a panel discussion with our college students
Planning and Brainstorming Your Journey to Success—developing achievable goals
Team Building Activity

Cultural Excursion Day
Afternoon: California Science Center
Evening: Hollywood Bowl: Picnic Dinner and Concert

Young Women’s Voices/Young Men’s Voices—gender-based small-group discussions designed to help students learn how to recognize and overcome personal obstacles
What's Next Bright Prospect?---an overview of what to expect during the upcoming academic year
Building My Individualized Plan to College
Team Building Activity

Cultural Activities

Broadening a student’s cultural exposure is an important element of the Bright Prospect program.  We encourage our students to broaden their interests and become accustomed to going to stimulating places beyond their own neighborhoods. As college students, when they have the opportunity to go to the theater, symphony or an art museum we want them to feel comfortable doing so.  Consequently we take our students on several excursions during their high school years, to places including the Norton Simon Art Museum, the Hollywood Bowl, the Mark Taper Forum, the Pantages or Ahmanson theaters, the Grammy Museum, Griffith Park Observatory, the California Science Center, the Getty Museum and Villa, Huntington Library, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Walt Disney Concert Hall, Grand Performances in downtown Los Angeles and more. Students often tell us they’ve gone back to these places on their own to introduce them to their families and friends.

Applying to College


Bright Prospect staff guide students through every step of the college application process. We help students identify colleges that best align with their own unique qualifications and interests, and guide them in completing their college and financial aid applications. Although historically, recruiters from top colleges never visit the low-income high schools we serve, each fall, Bright Prospect arranges for recruiters from nearly 50 selective private colleges to meet with groups of qualified students at our office.


Because our students are almost always the first in their family to attend college, we conduct informational meetings for parents throughout their children’s high school years. At one especially inspiring meeting, the parents of previous years’ college students share their experiences with the parents of our current high school seniors. This instills much-needed confidence in the parents so they can grow comfortable with the prospect of their sons and daughters attending institutions that may be far from home.


In the spring, Bright Prospect high school seniors receive multiple offers of admission and financial aid. We meet with seniors and their parents to review and explain their offers, and help them compare the opportunities. We take many seniors on a road trip to visit Southern California UC and CSU campuses.  If they have been admitted to East Coast colleges, we help them make arrangements to visit distant admitting college campuses, at the colleges’ expense—for most of our students this is the first airplane flight of their lives. Ultimately, we are there to support the final choice of college made by our students and their parents.