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Your gift will help students succeed by providing them with:


  • Year-round programming to prepare high school students for college and expand their horizons through a variety of cultural outings
  • One-on-one mentoring to build confidence and navigate through every step of the college application process and personal challenges
  • Assistance with college application fees
  • Crews® peer network that teams up students to encourage and support one another both during high school and throughout their college years, in addition to staff mentoring

Bright Prospect’s ability to increase the number of students we help and expand the communities we serve is only limited by the availability of funding. Our annual investment of just $1,000 per student produces college graduates who will, on average, earn a million dollars of increased lifetime earnings―and thus make a million dollars of increased economic contribution to our nation. Please consider a donation to Bright Prospect. Your contribution will help more students achieve their full potential and make a greater contribution to their communities and our society over the course of their lives.

Bright Prospect is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  Donations are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law.

How You Can Donate


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Please make checks payable to “Bright Prospect” and mail to:

Bright Prospect
1460 E Holt Avenue, Suite 74
Pomona, CA  91767


Many companies offer matching gift programs and some will double or even triple the amount of your gift! Find out if your company offers a matching gift program by asking your Human Resources department. If so, please obtain a matching gift form and submit it accordingly. Bright Prospect’s Employer Identification Number (EIN) or Federal Tax Identification Number is 52-2363234.

Mail the completed matching gift form to:

Bright Prospect
1460 E Holt Avenue, Suite 74
Pomona, CA  91767

BEQUESTS:  The Bright Prospect Legacy Society

When you join the Bright Prospect Legacy Society you demonstrate:(i) Your commitment to helping high-potential students and their families in low-income communities,(ii) Your connection to the value and purpose of education, and(iii) Your dedication to the Bright Prospect mission of empowering low-income students to graduate from college.
Planned gifts guarantee the future and continuation of the Bright Prospect program. Also, by remembering Bright Prospect in your will, your estate receives the benefit of an estate tax deduction. If you are considering a planned gift, please consult a tax and/or legal adviser to determine the benefits of making a gift. For more information or to notify Bright Prospect of your plans, please contact:

Serena Chapman 
Development Manager  
Main: 951-520-3691