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Bright Prospect is a Great Investment

“As a high-school counselor, I have an annual caseload of about 800 students. Mostly I deal with at-risk students, and when they drop out, all my efforts drop out with them. There’s honestly not a lot of time left to explore college options for those students with the potential and the desire to succeed. So when Bright Prospect offered to do the legwork and mentor and prepare deserving students, I knew this was a unique and valuable program. Bright Prospect students are making tough, real-life decisions, and their staff understand that. They really work to help students feel comfortable. I don’t see that kind of warmth in other similar programs.

I’ve worked with students for 38 years, and I couldn’t have assembled a better team myself. I’ve seen many programs and have met many philanthropists who want to help students succeed. They want to know their money has been invested well and that it’s ultimately going to make for a better community on a national scale. The Bright Prospect program needs to be expanded and replicated elsewhere. Without question, Bright Prospect is a great investment.”

     Rudy Carpio
     Former Counselor, Pomona High School, Pomona CA

Nothing Short of a Miracle

“Bright Prospect has been a godsend. Its generous scope truly separates it from the rest. We recommended a young woman to Bright Prospect. She was bright, enthusiastic and hungering for a challenging college experience. But she had little chance of becoming a full-time student in an Ivy League university because of very difficult circumstances at home. Only through Bright Prospect’s intervention has her wildest dream come true. Now her biggest challenge is deciding among the several ‘A’ list campuses to which she has been accepted.

The only downside to the Bright Prospect program is that it is limited to accepting only a few students each year. There are so many more students whose lives would be literally and positively altered by the program’s dogged determination to eliminate the many obstacles blocking the way of those students and their families. Bright Prospect worked nothing short of a miracle for my student. I urge everyone who can to support this program wholeheartedly.”

     Kim A. Glovak
     Former Counselor, Garey High School, Pomona CA

You’re Going to Make It

“I teach high school in a low income community. Half of our students qualify for free lunches. Few will ever go to college, often because they simply don’t know how or where to start. Their parents want their kids to reach for the stars, but many don’t have the skills or experience to help. So the kids come to the teachers, and we do what we can, but it’s never enough. Our hearts ache for them because they’re so bright, and yet their prospects are so limited. I keep thinking about two of our most gifted recent graduates who aren’t continuing their education, and are working full-time in fast-food jobs down the street.

Earlier this year, one of the staff from Bright Prospect gave a presentation at our school. I told her, ‘We need you here!’ Now, five of our students are Bright Prospect Scholars. Bright Prospect is opening doors to incredibly good liberal arts colleges that our kids just don’t hear about. These kids have so much to overcome, and Bright Prospect keeps hope in front of them, saying, ‘You’re going to make it. We’re going to help you.’ It takes a huge weight off the kids to have that kind of support.”

     Leslie Rhinehart
     Teacher, Montclair High School, Montclair CA

Our Students Have Benefited

Our students have benefited from having the Bright Prospect program on campus, and the professional oversight of your staff. Parents and students alike realize that through your efforts, our students have been able to attend the best universities in the nation. Considering the low socioeconomic index of our student population, through your efforts they have been provided with opportunities beyond compare.

Our faculty and staff highly value our partnership with Bright Prospect, and they appreciate that so many of our graduates, who otherwise would have simply entered the work force at low wage jobs, are now attending and succeeding at four-year colleges and universities.

     Dr. Peter Alvino
      Former Principal, Ganesha High School, Pomona