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A High School to College Educational Pipeline

"Cal Poly Pomona and Bright Prospect have a shared goal of empowering our youth to reach their potential. We believe in creating opportunities and pathways for Pomona’s youth to succeed. I am especially supportive of the educational pipeline that we are building from high school to Cal Poly Pomona and other local colleges. As a Pomona resident, I want to provide our children with every opportunity and resource available to help them reach their dreams. Through education, mentorship, hard work and support, we can help transform lives and build a stronger community.”

Soraya M. Coley
President, Cal Poly Pomona, CA

An Asset To Our Community

“The University of La Verne is honored to partner with Bright Prospect. Bright Prospect is an asset to our community’s students, helping them to realize success in high school, throughout college, and beyond. What makes the Bright Prospect program distinct is it does not end once a student enters college. Rather, it continues to support students throughout their college career to ensure they successfully earn their degree. Bright Prospect graduates then return to their community and serve as mentors to help younger students achieve success through the same pipeline.” 

      Devorah Lieberman
      President, University of La Verne, CA

This Program Pays Huge Dividends

“There are a lot of highly talented young people from urban schools and lower socio-economic backgrounds who would gain tremendously by going to college. The promise of improving the prospects, not only of those young people, but of their families and communities, is tremendous. I think we are already seeing proof of that outcome in the graduates from our college, who could only have done it with the support of a program like Bright Prospect.

Talking with some of the young people at Bright Prospect — listening to their stories, their ambitions, their hopes, and the gratitude they feel toward Bright Prospect — I have seen how much they’ve already gained. They feel like the world has been opened up to them in ways they just couldn’t have imagined a year or two ago. Bright Prospect is starting the process of unfathomable change in the lives of these youth. It couldn’t offer its supporters a greater return on their investment…an investment that will pay huge dividends in the lives of these students, and in the lives of their communities, long after their college experience.”

      Michael Hawkins
      Associate Dean of Admissions, Amherst College, Amherst MA

Bright Prospect Stands Out

“Harvey Mudd College, is one of five schools that comprise The Claremont Colleges. We’re small, private, and highly selective. While our focus on science and technology historically resulted in a predominance of male and Caucasian students, in recent decades we’ve placed significant emphasis on improving student diversity. Today, women represent about a third of our students and we’re actively working to improve the college’s representation of students of color.

I’m pleased that a young woman who is a Bright Prospect Scholar enrolled here to study computer animation.* We know even before we meet Bright Prospect Scholars that they have been pre-qualified and are enthused about applying to a college like ours. Bright Prospect stands out among scholarship programs. You only have to meet the people involved. That’s certainly been what has inspired my wife and me to support Bright Prospect financially and to devote our time and energy to working on its behalf.”

     Jon C. Strauss
     Former President, Harvey Mudd College, Claremont CA
     Former Member, Bright Prospect Board of Directors

*NOTE FROM BRIGHT PROSPECT: This young woman, whose single mother worked in a garment sweatshop, received her degree in Computer Science in four years. She immediately found a challenging job with a starting compensation five times what her mother earned in a typical year, and has since earned her Masters Degree in Computer Science. Such examples are not atypical for our students.

You Can Make a Difference

“Diversity is absolutely vital in colleges today. It fosters a different level of discourse within the classroom and a different kind of social life beyond it. At Smith, recruiting a diverse student body is one of our highest priorities. It’s hard work and resource-intensive, but it’s important for our future as a nation. Bright Prospect is doing colleges like ours a great service by identifying students from undeserved urban areas with diverse cultures and backgrounds and who have the potential to succeed. In effect, Bright Prospect pre-screens them for us. To any potential Bright Prospect investor I would say, ‘You are going to transform the lives of talented young people who otherwise would be left out and give them opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise have. This is a way you can make a difference – one person at a time.”

     Audrey Smith
     Vice President for Enrollment, Smith College, Northampton MA