Sophomores Connect at Natural History Museum

One hundred and thirty-six Bright Prospect sophomores went on a Cultural Crew Connect to the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County on Saturday, February 10th.  Crew Connects are a great opportunity for Crew members to bond with each other, meet students from neighboring high schools, and learn soft skills such as cooperation and peer relationship building. The Natural History Museum features the diversity of the natural and cultural world, so students interested in subjects such as biology, chemistry, and local history could find an exhibit that suited their interests. Crew members enjoyed a picnic lunch on the front lawn while their Crew Leader debriefed them on what to expect during the excursion. Students were tasked with writing down three interesting facts from each level of the museum, and set out on a mission to find all their sophomores coaches within one hour to take a photo with them. Afterwards, the crew members had an opportunity to explore the museum on their own.  Some of the exhibits the participants enjoyed included the Dinosaur Lab, the Becoming Los Angeles exhibit, the Gem and Mineral hall, and the different mammal halls grouped by continent.  At the end of the day, the sophomores came away with a fun, educational experience along with newfound memories.

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