Old-New Reunion 2017

One of the amazing opportunities for students in Bright Prospect is getting support and advice from the older students in the program – the ones who are just ahead of them in their college journey.  The annual Old-New Reunion is one of the best examples of this ethic of college students giving back to younger students from our community. The event is also a good opportunity for high school students to network with their upperclassmen peers (and possible future crew members), as well as to meet and bond with new staff members. On December 21, 45 college students came to the Village Conference Center to share their experiences with 85 high school seniors who recently completed the college application process.
At the Old-New Reunion, high school seniors are put in small discussion circles with students who are attending the types of institutions they are most likely to attend, such as community colleges, Cal States, UCs, and private schools.  They get a chance to meet students who attend the colleges they just applied to and ask questions about their college experiences. Topics for discussion included academics, financial aid, housing, studying abroad, working, social life, and adjusting to college life. Students also had the chance to take fun and festive photos at our custom photo booth with their old and new friends. At the end of the event, the high school seniors came away with reinforced confidence that older Bright Prospect students will be a resource for them at their college, and new insights to help them make the choice of which college to attend. We’re looking forward to hearing about those decisions at our College Decision Day events in May – stay tuned! 
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