Career Exploration Day comes to Bright Prospect

One of Bright Prospect’s annual programming events is Career Exploration Day, which gives high school and college students an opportunity to learn about different careers by meeting local professionals from a variety of industries. The event, held on July 11, also gave the students a chance to practice and polish their networking skills, which will prove useful in the future when they search for employment. A plus is that many of our students and alumni have gained internships and employment through the connections made at Bright Prospect events such as Career Exploration Day and Professional Development Week.  In addition to the networking session, there were three different breakout sessions, with eleven speakers representing diverse industries such as education, counseling, political consulting, information technology, and operations.

Notable speakers included our own Greg Gillam, Director of Development at Bright Prospect; Peter Muhn, a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Bright Prospect alum; and Ruth Doane, a software engineer at Google. During the breakout sessions the speakers shared knowledge and insight they’ve gained throughout their lives and professional careers. Some of the topics the speakers touched upon included what a typical day at work is like, challenges they’ve faced, what they like and dislike about their work, and how they got started in their fields. Bright Prospect would like to thank all the guest speakers who took time out of their busy schedules to come and impart words of encouragement and wisdom to our students!

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Thank you for sharing about the event. I wish I could have been there. gmail email login
Posted by Will Walker on 08/09/2018 06:22AM