Bright Prospect High School Juniors Go to LACMA

Each year, Bright Prospect takes students on excursions to art museums and concerts to familiarize them with forms of art that they might not have been exposed to. Bright Prospect nurtures not only students’ academic development, but their social development as well, including this type of cultural experience, so they will take advantage of similar opportunities while in college.  On January 28, 150 Bright Prospect high school juniors went on a “Cultural Crew Connect” to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Cultural Crew Connects are an opportunity for crew members to bond with each other in addition to meeting students from other Bright Prospect high schools.  Crew Leaders received special training prior to the trip to prepare them to lead their crew members on a scavenger hunt to find four previously researched art pieces, and lead a discussion after providing background information on each piece. Students enjoyed a picnic lunch, after which the students were free to explore the museum on their own. One popular exhibit at LACMA is “Urban Light”, which features 202 restored, cast iron antique street lamps on display outside the museum, and is a prime photography spot, as can be seen here. 

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