Bright Prospect College Student Interns at Hillcrest Retirement Community
Yasmin Chavez is an example of an ambitious Bright Prospect college student getting a head start on her career by taking advantage of opportunities that have come her way. She graduated from Ontario High School in 2015 and enrolled at Cal Poly Pomona as a Business Administration major with an emphasis in Management and Human Resources. Every year since the summer of 2015, the Bright Prospect College team has organized a weeklong event called Professional Development Week to expose college students to the professional working world by organizing workshops on interviewing, networking, resume writing, job searching, and more.

Yasmin attended Professional Development Week in the summer of 2016, and was invited back in the summer of 2017 to attend a different company tour and participate in the networking session. She attended the tour at Hillcrest Retirement Community in La Verne, where she met its CEO (and Bright Prospect board member) Matthew Neeley. Yasmin needed to complete a Human Resources Internship during her third year of school in order to graduate from Cal Poly within four years, so she reached out to Mr. Neeley for help. Mr. Neeley provided her the contact information to his Human Resources Department, where she now interns.  Yasmin enjoys working at Hillcrest due to the welcoming environment and has gained skills and experience she can apply to her professional career. As a result of the internship, she has found her passion and sees a future career in Human Resources after she graduates from Cal Poly Pomona next year. Yasmin is grateful to Bright Prospect for opening doors for her, and encourages other Bright Prospect students to take advantage of programming such as Professional Development Week and Career Exploration Day to further their professional goals. 

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