Bright Prospect Alumnus Crunches Big Data at Buzzfeed

Ryan Mei is an example of a Bright Prospect alum who worked for a while out of state but moved back to the L.A. area as soon as he could.

Ryan’s story is remarkable.  He moved to the U.S. from China at the age of 16 knowing no English. His family was low-income, and one year his parents couldn’t even afford a birthday card so his mother ripped out a sheet of paper from a notebook and wrote “Happy Birthday” on it. To this day, he still carries it around with him in his wallet to remind him of his humble beginnings.

Within a few years Ryan mastered English and got perfect 800 scores on the math SAT and SAT2 tests. He was a valued member of the Academic Decathlon team the year the focus was on China!  Ryan graduated number three in his Ontario High School class.

With Bright Prospect’s support, Ryan attended Dartmouth College in New Hampshire. He studied abroad in Germany, and graduated in 2012 with a degree in Economics and German Studies. After graduating from Dartmouth, Ryan spent five years working back east in data analytics in the corporate world, at Liberty Mutual. He moved to Los Angeles and worked for Red Bull.  Ryan recently accepted a position at Buzzfeed, where he leverages analytics to advise business strategies in order to drive viewership and engagement.

Without the help of Bright Prospect, Ryan would not be where he is today. Bright Prospect provided financial assistance for his college applications and provided resources his parents could not afford. This includes networking with college admission officers, reviewing his personal statement, and exposing him to selective private colleges.

In his spare time, Ryan writes for his personal finance blog geared towards millennials. His aim is to help other young people achieve their financial freedom, whether it’s paying down debt, helping out their parents, increasing their credit score, or achieving the homeownership dream. You can follow Ryan’s blog here:


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