Bright Prospect 2016 College Decision Days-You’re invited!

From May 13 through May 21 we will be holding our series of College Decision Days.  At these moving events held at each of our high schools, our graduating seniors announce their college choice to fellow Bright Prospect students, staff, parents, school personnel, and distinguished guests. This is an occasion where the students express what going to college will mean in their lives, and they thank those who helped them along this path.  You will hear some very moving stories!  Come help our seniors celebrate their accomplishments and welcome the next exciting chapter in their lives.  Here are the dates, times, and locations where College Decision Days will take place – please choose the one most convenient for your schedule, and bring plenty of Kleenex!

Key Dates 
May 13th 9:30am
Palomares Academy of Health Sciences
2211 N. Orange Grove Ave. Pomona, CA 91767
May 13th 2:00pm
Fremont Academy School of Engineering and Design
725 W. Franklin Ave. Pomona, CA 91766
May 16th 10:30am
Pomona High School
475 Bangor St. Pomona, CA 91767
May 17th 9:30am
Ganesha High School
1151 Fairplex Dr. Pomona, CA 91768
May 18th 9:30am
Garey High School
321 W. Lexington Ave. Pomona, CA 91766  
May 21st 11:00am
Ontario High School
Claremont Colleges
Exact location TBA
May 21st 4:30pm
Montclair High School
Claremont Colleges
Exact location TBA

If you haven’t RSVP-ed already, please do so to Teresa Wang, our AmeriCorps VISTA Communications Coordinator by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, May 6th, either by email at or by telephone at (909) 623-9007 Ext 202, and let her know which ceremony you will attend. 
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