Bright Prospect Student Presents on Breakthrough Medical Technology
Juana Rodriguez, a 5th year Chemical Engineering student at Cal Poly Pomona, went last week to Salt Lake City to present at AIChE, the annual meeting American Society of Chemical Engineers. She is presented along with Dr. Keith M. Forward, professor at Cal Poly’s department of Chemical and Materials Engineering.  

Their lecture is based on Dr. Forward’s newly developed method of free surface electrospinning.

Juana explains: “As medications make their way through the human body and go through the blood stream they cross many barriers. It is important that a medication must be soluble in water in order to pass these barriers and arrive at the targeted site of delivery. By using free surface electrospinning, a method developed by my professor Dr. Forward, we hope to make poorly soluble active pharmaceutical ingredients dissolve in the body a lot faster than some of the normal tablets used in medicine today."

She added: "I’m excited about attending the conference, because I want to learn more about how engineers are addressing health problems. When I graduate I hope to work in the pharmaceutical industry.”

Juana, the daughter of immigrants and the first generation in her family to go to college, is one of four children. Juana and her siblings are all engineering majors attending Cal Poly Pomona. Juana will be graduating in Spring 2016 and will become the first person in her family to earn a college degree!

“Knowing that Bright Prospect believed in me gave me the strength to not give up on my dreams,” says Juana.

Juana attended Ganesha High School, Pomona Unified School District.

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