“The only aspect stopping me from studying abroad was finances. Thanks to the support of Bright Prospect, I was able to qualify for the Gilman Scholarship.”Raymond Slu at Osaka University
Raymond Slu, a Pomona High School graduate and a rising sophomore at UC Berkeley, is a first generation college student from a single-parent household. Raymond graduated as the salutatorian of his high school class, and spent his first year of college working for the Berkeley Engineers and Mentors program, where he taught hands-on science and engineering activities to K-12th grade students.
Because of your support, Bright Prospect was able to help Raymond apply to and receive the Gilman Scholarship, a prestigious award which aims to help low income students study abroad, Raymond is abroad for the first time, spending his summer at Osaka University, one of Japan’s top universities. According to Raymond, he is spending his summer “immersing myself in a whole new culture, where I can expand my knowledge and network by meeting engineering and science professors and employers. This could potentially lead to a future internship in Japan.” With a passion for science and engineering and a desire to make a difference, it is no surprise that Raymond’s drive has taken him all the way to Japan. We can’t wait to see where it takes him next! 

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