Professional Development Week Helps Bright Prospect College Students Prepare for Transition into Today’s Competitive Workforce

On July 26 - 28, Bright Prospect held its 2nd Annual Professional Development Week for current college students. Participants attended a variety of workshops such as how to conduct a professional job search, prepare for interviews, write resumes and cover letters, as well as a workshop on financial literacy. Professionals from the surrounding community volunteered their time to speak to students about their experiences, such as what employers look for in an applicant during the HR panel.
The students varied in age from college freshmen to those in their final year of school, and attend institutions such as private colleges, public universities, and community colleges. The program was born last year when members of Bright Prospect’s Business Advisory Board commented that many college graduates are unprepared for the workforce, and the idea for this set of workshops was set in motion.
Students had professional headshots taken for Linkedin profiles, had staff assistance in reviewing their resumes, and learned how to tie a tie. On the morning of the last day, groups of students toured work sites including Technip, Casa Colina, Sheraton, and Pomona Valley Hospital, to see the variety of departments and skill sets that are needed at large agencies.
Professional Development Week concluded with a social gathering where students had an opportunity to practice their networking skills with local professionals and business people, including former and current employees from Union Bank, Boeing, Pomona Hope, and State Senator Connie Leyva’s office.
Pedro Orellana, a finance major at Cal Poly Pomona, said he learned how important networking is in job searching and how to write a resume. Simon Rawlinson, a private wealth advisor from Union Bank, said he was impressed with the programming and commented that he wished he had received this information while he was still in college so that he could have been better prepared for life in his early twenties.
We’d like to thank all the professionals who graciously volunteered their time to advise our students during Professional Development Week, and we look forward to next year’s!
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