Career Exploration Day Prepares Bright Prospect College Students for the Future

On July 12, 50 Bright Prospect college students attended an exciting Career Exploration Day at the Bright Prospect office. Participating students attended one of two panel sessions, one of which focused on STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) and the other focused on business, finance, and entrepreneurship. The speakers represented employers including Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian, Northrup Grumman, Splinterrock, University of La Verne, Union Bank, and Google.  Three presenters – a chemical engineer, a cardiac sonographer, and an aerospace engineer – are all alumni of the Bright Prospect program.
Panelists shared the twists and turns of their own career aspirations during their high school and college years.  They each conveyed what a typical workday is like, the challenges and rewards of their job, opportunities for advancement, and required skills and degrees. Afterward, there was a networking session where students could ask the panelists additional questions about their careers and exchange business cards.
Jessica Grande, Bright Prospect alum and a scientist at Danaher Corporation, told the students their career options are not necessarily limited by their major and that they can change majors or careers if they feel it’s not right for them. For instance, Jessica started at Cal Poly Pomona as a psychology major because she wanted to be a teacher, but later switched to engineering because she did well in math and enjoyed it.
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