Pre-College Retreat Prepares High School Grads for their College Transition

130 recent high school graduates attended Bright Prospect’s annual Pre-College Retreat, held at Pomona College from June 21 to June 23.  Over three days, the incoming college freshmen attended workshops in topics such as campus resources, scholarships and financial aid, financial literacy, healthy communications, mental health, drugs and alcohol, and personal strengths and career choices.

At the retreat, students met their peers from other high schools who will be going to their same college.  These students will be members of a college crew together.  The students also met their college coach – the member of the Bright Prospect staff who will be their mentor and go-to person.  The college coaches reminded the students that the transition from high school to college is challenging and may take some time to adjust to, but stressed that they have a support system in place such as their coaches, friends, crew members, family, on campus resources and advisors.

The students will be attending all types of higher education institutions such as private colleges, community colleges, the UC system, and the CSU system.


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