A Fighter for Equity in Education

Chinedu Udeh, a Bright Prospect alumna, has been committed to the cause of equity in education ever since she and her twin brother had to persuade their high school counselor to allow them to take honors and AP classes so that they could be UC eligible, since not everyone was allowed to have access to those classes.

Now Chinedu is an Assistant Principal at an elementary school in Los Angeles, where she defines her primary role as “focusing on ensuring that the systems at my school provide all 560 students access to an equitable, transformative education.”

Chinedu joined Bright Prospect while attending Ontario High School. Through the program, she received assistance in understanding financial aid and the college application process, as well as exposure to many different colleges and universities that she hadn’t heard of.

Chinedu graduated from Ontario High School in 2008, and with Bright Prospect’s support, she attended Dartmouth College.  At Dartmouth, she majored in History and minored in Public Policy with an emphasis on education. When Chinedu studied abroad in Barcelona and London, she was able to see how the issues of race, class, and gender affected individuals' opportunities and outcomes in different parts of the world.

In 2012, Chinedu graduated from Dartmouth cum laude, grateful for her college experiences and knowing that she wanted to work in social justice. Through the Teach for America program, Chinedu was placed as a teacher at an inner-city school in Tulsa, Oklahoma for two years.  She was extremely dedicated to the well-being of her students and was much appreciated by their parents. Wanting to be back in California and closer to family, Chinedu moved to Los Angeles in 2014 and started working as a 4th grade teacher in South Los Angeles.  Once again, her dedication to her students shone through and she became an Assistant Principal at the school. This past August, Chinedu earned a Master’s degree from Columbia University in Educational Leadership, and will use the knowledge she has gained towards her career and in service to her students.

Chinedu is grateful for the guidance Bright Prospect provided her, and for opening up her eyes to the different opportunities in the world she didn’t know existed. She understands the struggle for equitable access to education, and wants to help students who come from disadvantaged backgrounds similar to hers.

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