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The Five Guiding Principles of Success

  • Gaining Commitment to College Graduation. The Bright Prospect program instills in our students a deep, personal commitment to the goal of graduating from college and supporting one another in achieving that goal. Our programming and mentoring services continue throughout each student’s high school and college years until they fulfill their goal of achieving a college degree.
  • Developing Life Skills and Positive Attitudes. Our program focuses on developing a comprehensive set of attitudes and life skills that our students need to succeed in academics and life. We emphasize the importance of building healthy, positive attitudes, including responsibility, accountability, perseverance, integrity and trust, as well as, skills in leadership, teamwork and building and maintaining healthy relationships.
  • Creating A Stable and Supportive Environment. Within an environment of unswerving integrity and commitment, our students build deep trust in each other and our staff and grow willing to speak openly-seeking and giving help to solve the formidable challenges they face each day. The enduring bonds our students form with staff and each other encourage them to persevere and overcome the obstacles they encounter to achieve success in school and life.
  • Fostering Student Leadership and Peer Support. Through our novel Crews (TM) system, many aspects of our program are student-led which helps to keep costs low. Our small staff is then free to support a larger number of students, focus on helping them develop leadership, teamwork and interpersonal skills, and establishing constructive attitudes and productive behaviors.
  • Educating Our Students’ Parents. Most parents of our students have less than a high school education and many speak little or no English. They are unfamiliar with college options, have little access to information about college admission and are unaware that financial aid exists. As a result, they are unprepared to support their children in applying to and succeeding in college. Throughout the program, we educate our students’ parents to become familiar and comfortable with the college application process enabling them to be more supportive to their sons and daughters.

These guiding principles inform our activities and infuse our culture. Bright Prospect encourages our students to grow beyond their comfort zones, set and work toward personal goals, and develop as young adults. Our staff are trusted mentors, passionate advocates, personal coaches and positive role models to these remarkable young men and women who join Bright Prospect in the ninth grade and continue through to college graduation and beyond into our Alumni Network.